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Part & Accessories

In need of a part or accessory for your computer or laptop, give us a call or stop in and see us. If you don't have it on hand we can get it to you within a short period of time.
Part & Accessories

Virus Removal

Are you protected?
Do you have a virus?
Unsure about malware or spyware, let us help!!
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Virus Removal


Do you need networking help?
Here at Taylored PC's we can run your cable and get you setup.
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Computer been running slow?
No Virus's?
Could be capacitors on your motherboard, you are in luck at Taylored PC's we can change those.
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What We Do

Is a new system custom built to fit your needs what you want? At Taylored PC's that is exactly what you can get. We custom build custom computer systems for people every day and we back each one with our warranty. We use top of the line computer products that will have you ahead of the pack, whether you need it for the office, home or for gaming.

Whatever your needs are, we will custom build a computer for you. Also, because we are solution focused, rather than manufacturer driven, we work with you to find the ideal products that deliver the results that fit your needs. And when your needs change, upgrade at Taylored PC's!

Custom Built

Custom Built Computers For YOU! Some of us know just exactly what computer we want and nothing out of a box is going to cut it. If you want your system to be highly efficient and cost effective, a custom built computer system might be your answer. We are experts at custom building computer systems. With your input we can design and install the system of your dreams.

Quick Turnaround

Most retailers can take up to several weeks to repair your computer equipment and return it to you. And during those weeks? No e-mail, no word processing, no work completed, no budgets submitted…no computing for you!


Everything screeches to a halt when the computer quits, so fast computer repair service is all that will do! With quick turnaround – 48 to 72 hours in most cases! We service all major computer brands, and when we fix it, it stays fixed.


•   Hourly Rate


•   Virus Removal


Build Your Own PC

You might like to build things yourself or maybe you've got a system you love, but want to computer upgrade. It's all here! Add a CD-RW, larger hard drive, memory, DVD and more. We'll help you make your computer system better, give it new life, or expand its capabilities. If you want everything NEW, we have that too. And when it is time for a replacement, remember that Taylored PC's accepts trade-ins. Try to find another computer store that takes trades!


Your current equipment can sometimes have value. We take trade-ins and apply their value toward your purchase with us. Even if you're replacing it with a new system, talk to Taylored PC's about pricing and trade-ins. It's what make us unique to other stores.